Performance Tuning & PC Cleanup

Wether your computer is running un-usually slow, or you just can’t get it to turn on we are your one stop shop for all your repair and upgrade needs. We can clean your computer by removing any and all viruses, spy-ware and ad-ware and cleaning out your registry. We can optimize your system for optimal performance depending on your needs and unlock the true power of your machine. We can install the latest updates for your drivers, Bios, software and hardware and any other missing files your computer might need.
Wireless, LAN Network Design & Implementation

If you need assistance with either a wireless or wired network configuration or network error, choose PC-Garage for a solution that guarantees results. We can get your network up and running in no time while you worry about the more important things in life. From small networks to expansive ones we have the knowledge and experience to complete any project given to us in a professional and timely manner.

Data Retrieval

Your data is rarely ever completely lost if your computer hard drive become corrupted. Document and file retrieval services are available for those who need this data. Even if your computer wont turn on, or gets frozen on the infamous blue screen of death, our experienced team can dig deep into your computer and save those irreplaceable photos, videos, and other documents.

Hardware, Software Installation

Installing and configuring new hardware or software properly is not always an easy task, we understand that you may feel more comfortable with an expert installation and we are here and ready to assist you. We can inform you about what upgrades would be suitable for whatever needs you have, and guide you in the right direction without having to spend and arm and a leg getting there. Once we figure out what you need we will install everything perfectly and professionally so you won’t have to worry about it.

Data Backup Services

The importance of proper, efficient data backup solutions are essential in this age as computer users store more media and documents than ever. Let us help you safely backup and store your valued information and data. We have many options available when it comes to safely storing your data and we are more than eager to explain what choice would best fit your need.

Instant Remote Access

Remote support services are available to those who have an active Internet connection. It allows us to troubleshoot and fix a number of problems with your computer quickly and precisely with no time spent on traveling. Services that normally can be solved via remote assistance include: virus diagnosis, general diagnosis, printing issues, e-mail related issues, Outlook related issues, Internet browser issues, software updating and much much more. Contact us to learn if your issue can be fixed directly through the Internet.

Introduction To Computers Classes

This class is designed to give you basic information about the computer and take away any fears you may have about using it. The computer is a tool and can help you in many ways when you learn how to interact with it. We hope this class helps you on your quest to use computers as a tool in your educational setting and life. Classes run every Saturday and are only $30 which is an amazing deal. We may add more days and classes as we grow Please contact us if you would like to sign up for the class or if you have any questions.